Khamis, Ogos 26, 2004

QCC Convention


Yesterday was the day for the QCC and Suggestions Scheme (Northern Region), which were held in KMC, Alor Setar. We sent 5 teams, 2 QCC teams and 3 Suggestion Scheme teams. Two winners will be selected each, which will represent the region to the National Convention to be held in Ipoh. As we will be hosting this event this year, we mustmake sure that we will be represented at least in one of the categories.

Our boys and girls have done us proud by being the winners in both QCC and Suggestion Schemes. Both QCC teams qualified and one out of three Suggestion Scheme teams qualified. What makes us more proud of them is the clinical nature of the QCC topics. We presented the topic of Pain Management and Usage of Auto-Rinser. The winning suggestion scheme presented a topic on the usage of PDA in taking orders from the customers.

As the head of the SGA’s committee, I think this is the first time since that we nearly swept all the prizes.

Congrats to the winning teams.

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