Isnin, Ogos 02, 2004

Am I a bibliomaniac?

    Cover : A Passion for Books

    A Passion for Books : A Book Lover's Treasury of Stories, Essays, Humor, Love and Lists on Collecting, Reading, Borrowing, Lending, Caring for, and Appreciating Books
    by Harold Rabinowitz, Rob Kaplan

    I am currently reading a book titled `A Passion for Books' which I bought from Kinokuniya KLCC during my last trip to KL. After attending the company's Corporate Address in Ampang, I rushed to KLCC. As usual, Kinokuniya, Times & Specialist will be my favourite places to go for browsing through interesting books and adding new collection to my personal library. I bought two books. (the other one is a novel by Arenawati, Sakura Mengorak Kelopak)

    A Passion for Books is a book which delves not only about the activity of reading but rather to the pleasure derived from choosing, holding, and having books. This book is about those people who can spend hours browsing through a bookstore, the people for whom buying books is a necessity, not a luxury. A Passion for Books is a celebration of that love, a collection of sixty classic and contemporary essays, stories, lists, poems, quotations, and cartoons on the joys of reading, appreciating, and collecting books.

    After reading this book, I feel like belonging to the same group. I love books, the smell of it, the joy of going to a bookstore and spending hours browsing through the books. I don't like lending books as I am worried that other people can't treasure them as I did.

    Am I a bibliomaniac?

    bibliomania (noun)
    meaning : preoccupation with the acquisition and possession of books

    Quotations from the book

    Desiderius Erasmus : "When I have a little money, I buy books. And if any is left, I buy food and clothing."

    Ray Bradbury: "So there you have it, a lifetime of first smelling the books, they all smell wonderful, reading the books, loving the books, and remembering the books."

    Anatole Broyard: "The moment a book is lent, I begin to miss it. My mind goes to the gap as one's tongue goes to a cavity. Until the book is returned, I feel like a parent waiting up in the small hours for a teenage son or daughter to come home from the dubious party."

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