Isnin, September 13, 2004

Love in the Time of Cholera to be filmed

If every thing goes well, we will be able to view Love in the Time of Cholera on the screen, as reported by The Guardian.

After denying Hollywood for years, Gabriel García Márquez agrees to sell the rights to his 1985 novel

Jo Tuckman in Mexico City
Monday August 9, 2004

Unswerving defender of Fidel Castro and Latin American literary patriarch he may be, but Gabriel García Márquez appears to have finally succumbed to Hollywood's call, signing over the film rights to Love in the Time of Cholera.

The Los Angeles production company Stone Village Pictures is reportedly paying the Colombian Nobel laureate between one and three million dollars to make a movie of what producer Scot Steindorff recently termed "the best love story ever told, next to Romeo and Juliet".

Despite selling millions of books around the globe, the 76-year-old novelist, who is battling with cancer, is said to be worried about the financial future of his lifetime partner Mercedes and their two sons Gonzalo and Rodrigo...

Full news from The Guardian

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