Jumaat, Jun 25, 2004

The serenity to accept fate

I've just attended a 2 day Counseling Workshop conducted by a Puan Rokiah. Nice knowing her. I've learn some valuable lessons in conducting effective counseling.
The role play was wonderful. I realised, that it is quite tough for a person to be an effective counselor.

I salute Puan Rokiah who admitted that she was coping with cancer and at the same time running support group for cancer patient in KL. I remember she quoted that people who have cancer are not `dying' with cancer, but they are `living' with cancer. Such a positive thinking.
She has the serenity to accept fate and to continue living.

Ya Allah, I thank you for your bounties. I thank you for granting me a wonderful life....

God grants me
the serenity,
to accept things I cannot change,
the courage
to change the things I can,
the wisdom to know the difference.

the road to success is always under construction -Unknown

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